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Remove file name from GemCad print

  • 01 Jan 2021 9:56 AM
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    How does one remove the file name from a GemCad print? (Apart from getting out the liquid paper).

  • 02 Jan 2021 1:00 PM
    Reply # 9574902 on 9547549

    Hi Sarah,

    Check with Paul Sabota if it is OK for the current competition, But when we wrote the rules for the Open Challenge competition last year I envisaged simply cutting the bottom off the page with the diagram being submitted as acceptable.

    The only way I see being able to remove the file name in Gemcad is to change the printer setting in Gemcad to the default PDF printer.  On my computer it is “Microsoft print to PDF”. Then save the file to the computer and open it in Adobe.

    With the PDF open in Adobe Reader go to the comment toolbar and select the text box option then draw a text box over the file name and path.  Leave the text box blank.  It’ll have a border which will print as a rectangle.  If you want right click on the name of the text box in the comment window, or on the border of the text box and select the Properties option.  Then change the border colour to white.  This will make the border invisible.

    after that save the PDF and print it as you would any PDF.

    PS — if you are feeling a little bit cheeky, you could add a message to the text box like “Full marks please :-)”.  None of the entrants did this last year but if the judge has a sense of humour you may get a cheeky response.  Now I have said that I can’t do it myself :-(

    regards Gordon 

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  • 02 Jan 2021 5:56 PM
    Reply # 9580101 on 9547549

    Hi Sarah,

    You can't remove the file path from the print output from GemCad.

    But you can if it's in a Word Document...From GemCad, print to a pdf file. Save on the desktop. Right click on the pdf, select "Open With" Select Word. Save to a Word doc. on your desktop. You might have to re-align some of the Text. Delete the file path.  Double check if everything looks correct. Done.

    I don't want to see the file path because of where you might have got the diagram from if you didn't draw it from scratch. I wouldn't want you to be disqualified. 

    The idea of this "Open Challenge" Section is an exercise for you to learn how to use Gemcad or any other design program from just using basic views that you might come across in a magazine, book or on the internet that don't have cutting instructions or angles etc. Or from  an actual cut stone. You might like the design but are put off because there's no instructions, angles or index numbers, well this challenge is designed so that you should be able to come up with some sort of diagram that you can use to cut it.

    The idea for it came about at one of our Sydney Group workshops when we were looking at  some concave cut stones and wondered what the angles, index numbers etc. might be and we came up with the idea for this "Open Challenge" to see who could draw a diagram.

    Good luck.

    It's not that hard.

    Gordon, that's being cheeky... but I probably would write something humorous in reply....


  • 03 Jan 2021 6:40 AM
    Reply # 9598923 on 9547549

    Thank you very much both of you for your replies, I really appreciate you taking the time.

    Gordon, I did consider simply cutting the bottom off the design! Thanks for the tips about PDF and Adobe, I'll do that to remove the file location. I'm not sure I'm game to be that cheeky!

    Paul, I appreciate the advice and if I can't get it to work in Adobe I'll try it in Word, thanks. I already use GemCad a lot and have made a few designs of my own, so I really enjoyed the challenge of creating the design from the images provided. Now I just have to cut it...

    Thanks again,


  • 05 Jan 2021 8:12 AM
    Reply # 9668876 on 9547549

    Hi Sara

    There are quite a few different ways to achieve the same end results.

    You can also print out a hard copy of the GemCad file ( pdf file format). Having a scanning facility on my printer I then rescan the copy and adjust the bottom edge of the page up to exclude the directory references and save the file as the final pdf file.

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