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  • 16 Apr 2020 4:38 PM
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    Realizing that some people (and Clubs) have difficulties interpreting the rules (J&R manual - April 2015) regarding eligibility for entries into the different Sections / Levels in faceting competitions, I generated a program to help with this process in a graphical way.

    You are able to record your progress from Novice, Intermediate and Open through the different Levels and Sections.

    The attached file "Example.pdf" shows what it looks like. The steps shown below can help you understanding the mechanics of it.

    The spreadsheet is called "Competition Guide.xlsx" and can be downloaded from the AFG website, by clicking

    Here is a guide to the Example Sheet attached:

    • Enter 1 into Novice N8 for Club Level 1
      Notice that next time you won't be able to enter in this Section, Level 1 again, since it has turned RED. You will have to progress to Novice I8 instead
    • Enter a 1 into Novice N9 for Club Level 2
      Notice that next time  you need to progress through to Intermediate I9 and you automatically won't be able to compete in N9 Level 1 competition any more as well.
    • Enter a 1 into Novice N10 for a Level 3
      Basically anything on the left of that cell is highlighted in RED. In a level 4 competition (Gemboree) you are still eligible to enter all Sections in the Novice Division
    • Next enter a 1 into Intermediate I9, Level 3
      Notice how Novice N9 is now RED also
    • Enter a 1 into Open O8 Level 4
      Now you won't be able to compete in the same  Section (ie 8 A or B) under the Novice or Intermediate Division.
      However the Open O8 cell is remaining Green, which means you can keep on competing in this Section ad infinitum
    • Enter a 1 into O9 & O10 Level 3
      You will still be able to compete in the same Section in Level 4, but no longer in Level 3
      Any Open competition, being at Club only level or AFG & Gemboree will remain eligible

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  • 17 Apr 2020 7:39 AM
    Reply # 8904719 on 8902892

    Hi Hans,

    What a great idea. Thank you.

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