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Gemcad Diagrams v free diagrams

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  • 17 Oct 2019 8:05 AM
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    Hi John,

    Gemray is a stand alone sister programme to Gemcad.  Both have been out for many years and were written by Robert Strickland.  Gemray has automatic optimisation routines and gives a brightness plot of the stone over a number of angles.  There is quite a bit of discussion on it on the Aussie Lapidary Forum.

    Rej Piorier recently wrote and published Gem Cut Studio.  It does what Gemcad and Gemray do but a little differently.  

    I have all 3 programmes mentioned above.  As you would expect, Gem Cut Studio is more modern and I think a bit easier for someone who hasn't used either programme to learn than Gemcad.  But it requires a change to how you think when converting from using Gemcad to Gem Cut Studio.

    One of the benefits of Gem Cut Studio is that it also plots head shaddow and windowing, allowing us to more easily evaluate the effect of angle changes in a stone.  

    I am in the Moreton Bay Facetors Group of the AFG and we are planning to run a training session on Gem Cut Studio next year.

    But anyone with questions on GCS or Gemcad can post them to this forum.  Thrre are a number of members who can answer most questions on these programmes.


    Gordon Perkins.

  • 18 Oct 2019 4:17 PM
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    Excellent information Gordon.  As a follow-up, I have been in contact with Robert Strickland and he has given me the information that I require.

    Thank you all for the information provided, I just may need to come back here for follow-up questions on GemCutStudio.

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