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Suggestions for rule changes.

  • 18 Dec 2018 7:59 PM
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    I understand the Guild is looking for suggestions on rule changes.

    Here is my 2 Bob's worth.

    The internet has blurred the lines between the different levels of competition.  Once a show schedule is put on a web site it is essentially advertised globally.

    I think Level 2, 3, and 4 comps should be determined by who is eligible to enter, not on terms of solicitation of entrants.

    Level 4 should be all competitions in which there is no restriction on an entrant's normal residential location.

    Level 3 should be restricted to people normally resident in Australia.

    Level 2 restricted to people normally resident in yhe State or Territory of the club or association running that competition.  Concessions should be made in this category for members of that club living interState but who have attended at the club for 4 or more work sessions or organised functions in the 12 months before the cutoff for the competition.  This is to cater for members who move about, or live near the border but withinp commuting distance to their club.  E.g. Gold Coast, or a club at say Albury/Wodonga.

    Any other suggestions?

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