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When is a faceting design truely yours? I.E. when do we infringe copyright?

  • 11 Oct 2017 7:27 AM
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    A number of us have gemcad and tinker with the faceting designs by changing angles to improve the performance of a cut for the rough.

    Some of us take the pavillion of one cut and add it to the crown of another.  Some design stones from sctatch but end up with recognisable forms such as a brilliant pavillion and scissor crown.  Others take a cut and add to it, such as a star on the bottom or turn the bars on the crown into chevrons.

    So at what point is a design truely your own?

    Is it simply a unique set of angles that give a certain effect in a round brilliant (such as hearts and arrows)?

    Is it simply designing a cut from scratch, even if unbeknowingly you end up with a cut the same as an existing cut?

    Is it enough to change the index on a row or two?



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