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  • 25 Oct 2020 9:39 AM
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    Over the last 6-12 months I have been asked many times on how to tell if a lab or gemstone report is fake ..

    Well i have seen a lot coming from EBAY sellers and if you try to report it to Ebay then they CLOSE your account not the sellers hows that for a smack in the face.

    also many overseas online sellers including facebook are using manmade or worse Glass this includes Rough and cut stones 

    Ok  so you need to ask for a photo or PDF copy of the report before bidding of purschasing the Gemstone  if no report then guest what BOGUS..

    if you get the report , Then look for the following,

    1: A phone number you can ring

    2: A website that has the full address of the Lab so you can contact them

    3: An Email address 

    4: A Date & Report number so they can call the stone up in there database.

    5: The report should have all this information on it if not then probley a BOGUS

    6: Try to contact the Lab for information on the Certificate / Report and get them to CLARFY it

    so do your home work first before buying if you find a BOGUS seller then name and shame them, but make sure you have all the information correct before doing so.

    Hope this helps..

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