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AFG 2021 Annual Faceting Competition

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  • 26 Sep 2020 8:29 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    AFG 2021 Annual Faceting Competition is ready for downloading  (Under Events)  

  • 07 Oct 2020 5:38 PM
    Reply # 9288794 on 9265389

    Version 2 is now available to a change to Section O.10.3 

    Crown step F the last Index number should have been 94 not 90.


  • 12 Oct 2020 9:46 AM
    Reply # 9297668 on 9265389

    A question from across the pond - being used to the USFG competition where a specific design/material is designated for a specific class eg. novice, pre-master etc.   I previously qualified as a novice, but I'm only allowed to submit the next step up as pre-master but I'm not allowed to submit an entry for master until I'm qualified as a 'pre-master'.

    Are there any pre-requisites for which design one chooses to cut and submit or is a entrant able to choose whichever design he/she chooses to cut in the required material and designated size and just submit it?  Should that entry then win, is a specific faceting designation then given?

    Thanks in advance for the clarification. 

    Glenn Wood

  • 13 Oct 2020 12:43 PM
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     Hi Glenn,

    I’m not part of the admin so won’t comment on your question.

    I joined the USFG in 2016 and entered their annual competition, not being a beginner I entered a stone in the pre-master class. As far as I could see I could enter any level, the only rules I saw was that you cannot go backwards.

    For example a classified master cannot enter a stone in the pre-master and the winner of a class must move up to the next class.


    Frank Woodward.

  • 13 Oct 2020 6:50 PM
    Reply # 9300272 on 9265389

    Hi Glenn,

    You can enter any section you like if your experienced enough & up for the challenge.(read all the below about 10 times to grasp how it works)

    The only thing is if you win a first place you move up through the Divisions Novice > Intermediate > Open. Once in Open you're in Open forever and you can't go backwards. We keep records of all the winners and the Committee looks at these when entries are received to make sure competitors are entering the correct Division (you get disqualified if you enter the wrong Division)

    Rule B4.2 describes about Divisions and basically says that you can't enter a Section or Group in a Lower Division if you've won a First place in the same Section or Group in a Higher Division.

    To elaborate a bit on the Australian system:

    There are 4 Levels. Level 1,2,3 & 4 in Australian Competitions.

    We're only concerned with Level 3 in our AFG Faceting Competitions. Level 3 is a competition for which entries are actively solicited from 2 or more States and/or from Overseas.

    Within each Level there are 3 Divisions, Novice, Intermediate & Open.

    Within each Division there are 4 Groups  8, 9 10,11

    There are 2 Sections for Group 8, 8A for SRB Round Girdle & 8B for Faceted Girdle

    There are 2 Sections for Group 9, 9A for Oblong Step Cut & 9B for Square Step Cut

    Group 10 are Modified Standard Cuts, any design other than Group 8, 9 & 11

    Group 11 are Fancy Cuts, any design other than 8, 9 &10 but also without either a Table or Girdle or Crown or Pavilion or meets. Usually Section 11 doesn't have a Table but an Apex Crown. Such as N.11.4, I.11.4 & O.11.4

    Then there are 3 Special Sections that the AFG uses from time to time, Concave, Open Challenge and sometimes Freeform. These are only in the Open Division to give a bit of a Challenge to spice it up for the Open cutters.

    Most competitors start off in Novice, then as they win a first place in a Group they must enter the next Highest Division, either Intermediate or Open if they feel competent enough., but doing that may push you up too early and you find it hard to achieve the Open cuts. 

    Only 1 competitor, that attains the highest score, can progress upwards in each Group Section >Division (or more if there are equal scores.) So it is a slow process to get to Open. Unless you enter a lot of the same Level  of competition. 

    If you don't win a first place you remain in the Lower Division. 

    There is a worksheet on this forum somewhere by Hans Emmenegger that also works it out for you.

    Beware, Our Judges adhere strictly to judging Girdle Thickness. It is Judged at 5% of the Total Height of the finished Stone. They use a Graticule Loupe to measure it. I usually cut to around 3% but not too thin as that will lose points as well.

    This year we are trialling a new style of Judging Sheet as per the sample in the Schedule on page 24. Hopefully it will give better feedback to competitors.

    Don't hesitate to ask if unsure of anything.





  • 14 Oct 2020 12:06 AM
    Reply # 9300908 on 9265389

    Thanks everyone for clarifying things.  Appreciate it.


  • 19 Oct 2020 3:39 PM
    Reply # 9311936 on 9265389
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hi Glen

    In this competition you could enter in any section that you like or feel as though you can. It is usual but not necessary to cut a stone for each of the designs in each section. Novice is 4, Intermediate is 4 and Open is 4 plus the special section, so in total you could enter 13 stones and if you are a concave cutter as well that would make it 14 stones. You can enter any section that you feel capable of  cutting. It will great to see your name on the competitors list, even better as a award receipant.


  • 17 Nov 2020 7:55 PM
    Reply # 9369643 on 9265389

    There is a revised version 3 for the 2021 Annual Faceting Competition on this Website under Events.

    I've changed the cutting instructions on page 11 for Section N.11.4 as the preform bit didn't make the design cut properly.

    I also Corrected O.10.3, on page 18. Step F the last index number should've been 94.

    On page 20 the last instruction line should've been an L not M.

    and lastly, on page 23. O.10.6, I've added the words "and adjust angle" into the script for the concave instructions.

    Thanks guys for picking up these errors, 

  • 06 Apr 2021 3:50 PM
    Reply # 10277607 on 9265389

    Time is running out.... 3 months to go till entries are due 1 June 2021

    Last modified: 08 Apr 2021 9:56 AM | Anonymous member
  • 07 Apr 2021 10:27 PM
    Reply # 10283024 on 9265389

    Hi Mr. Wood,

    I can reassure you that Frank Woodward and Paul Sabota are correct.  The rules for the USFG Single stone Competition (SSC) are that you can enter at any level you are comfortable with.  The rules for each competition vary.  Although in some circumstances you cannot go back to a certain classification if you have won that class.  Interpreting the rules is the number one rule when entering a competition.  We always start and end there!

    Casey E. Trump


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