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  • 21 Jul 2017 6:49 PM
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    Have you noticed that when cutting some designs some meet points move into place faster than others?

    I think this has everything to do with the relative angles at the meetpoints on a facet.  The shallower the angle the more sensitive the meetpoint is to changes in depth of cut.

    Take a cushion cut where there is a 12 index mark change at the corner but only a 2 index mark change between that facet and the next facet.

    The meet on the 2 index change will move much more than the meet on the 12 index meet change.  This is because the hypotenuse on a triangle with a 7.5 degree (2 index knotches)  angle is much longer than one with a 44.5 degree angle) for the same height.

    It might not be a very accurate model but it explains the change.

    It also explains which meet point to focus on when polishing.  Get the high angle meet points in place then perfect the shallow meet points.  

    If the difference is great, nudging in the shallow meetpoint without using the angle adjuster won't perceptively change your other meet point.  

    It is also useful for perfecting meets after polishing the table.  Polish each row and the table.  Next starting at the row next to the table, polish in the meets working down to the girdle as a final refinement.



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